IHF LLC Adds New Terpenes to Their Online Store - Press Release

Original Source: IHF LLC Adds New Terpenes to Their Online Store – Press Release

As the Colorado operations continue to expand its scope and product lines, terpenes are among the areas where new products offer exciting options for customers

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO / ACCESSWIRE / November 15, 2020 / IHF LLC is pleased to announce that they have expanded their online store products to include new terpenes. A number of the new terpenes are released in bulk. They have been optimized to be suitable for any formula. The terpenes are in liquid isolate format so that customers are able to create their own strain profiles. The quality of the terpenes offered by Industrial Hemp Farms is undisputed. The company provides the best quality products without raising the price to unaffordable levels.

In the form offered by IHF, users can spray terpenes directly on to hemp flowers, on cannabis, or can add them into concentrates for enhanced flavor and aroma. Currently, the list of liquid terpenes which are available in bulk includes Myrcene, Linalool, Limonene, Humulene, B-Pinene, Caryophyllene, A-Pinene, and Terpinolene. While there are more than two hundred terpenes in the cannabis plant, the number which forms the central part of those produced for the marketplace is relatively small.

The website contains further information about the available products. Customers are invited to try out the various products to see which ones are preferred for their flavor, aroma, and traits. The new offerings are available in sizes and formats which are convenient for customers to use.

More information is available at https://industrialhempfarms.com/buy-terpenes/

Terpenes are also known as terpenoids. They are natural hydrocarbons which are part of the hemp and cannabis plant oils. Their role, as volatile chemicals, is to exude a variety of strong aromas. Anyone familiar with the cannabis plant understands that terpenes’ purpose is to work synergistically with the cannabinoids, which are the chemical compounds that make up the cannabis plant. One of these cannabinoids is cannabidiol or CBD. When the combination is produced, the terpenes each have an outstanding effect. Each of the noted terpenes has unique fragrances and has particular traits.


Industrial Hemp Farms is a licensed and certified Colorado-based hemp farming and wholesale firm. The company offers wholesale operations for CBD hemp biomass, CBD Distillate, cannabinoids, which are produced at the extraction facility, and a range of clone and seed cultivars.

Contact Info:
Company: IHF Online LLC Corporate Headquarters
Address: 2810 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs CO 80907
Phone: (855) 806-4367
Email: sales@industrialhempfarms.com


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